Let the Adventure Begin!

Hey everyone, here is a brief summary of the first week of my trip!


I arrived safely in Colchester on Monday evening after a long travel day consisting of an 8 hour flight and a 5 hour bus ride. I only got about 1-2 hours of sleep on the plane despite it being an overnight flight. The flight also seemed weirdly short which was nice because that seat sure was getting uncomfortable!

I travelled all the way with a girl from my home university so it was not as scary being in a country alone for the first time.Our flight arrived early at the Gatwick Airport so we were able to get on an earlier bus at 11:25 am. This allowed us to arrive at out accommodation at about 5 pm, instead of at the previously expected time of 7 pm.

When I arrived at my accommodation I was a little surprised at the condition of the building. It seemed a little run down and was definitely not the same quality that I’m used to in Canada. There are many little things that are different, such as the high placement of very small doorhandles and the seperate faucets for hot and cold water! My room looked just like the pictures I saw online so I was not really surprised when I saw it. What did surprise me, however, was what I could see from my window. In the backyard is an area where several chickens and ducks live! I was hoping for a room facing the west so I would be able to see the sun set, but unfortunately I just get to look at some chickens, ducks and the food/garbage they eat haha.

The first night I didn’t have a great sleep because I was kind of cold and my pillow made out of clothes was rather lumpy! To solve this, the next day my friend and I took a taxi to the shopping mall in Colchester. I bought a duvet, a duvet cover with a 1 pillowcase, 2 pillows and some decorative battery-powered lights. We also bought a plate and bowl each and split the cost of a pack of 2 knives and a 16 piece cutlery set. The total for everything cost me about $50 which is pretty good value for the amount of items I purchased. We then took a taxi back to my room only to discover that someone had swapped out 3 of the 4 forks in the set and replaced them with spoons! At this point my friend and I were very tired and could do nothing but laugh at the whole situation. So I guess the next time I buy anything I’m going to make sure everything is accounted for haha. After eating a sandwich we picked up from the mall, we walked to Tesco supermarket which took about 10-15 minutes. Lots of the food was pre-made and individually portioned, which is convenient for the time being, but I would definitely like to make my own food once I have settled in more! (and once I buy some pots, pans, and other cooking utensils) haha.

On Wednesday I walked about 30 minutes to the campus and explored the different parts of the university. It is quite large and a little confusing but I’m sure I’ll know my way around by the time I leave!

So far the weather has been cool and a little rainy with occasional sunny periods.

Thursday and Friday were orientation days which consisted of meeting lots of new people from all over the world and getting my registration/courses set up. I can’t wait to learn more about where everyone is from! I am also very excited to start my courses on Monday!

I am quite tired after this busy week of travelling, adjusting to the time change and adapting to the British way of life, so this is all I can muster up for this post. Hopefully you enjoyed reading!

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Thanks for stopping by!

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One thought on “Let the Adventure Begin!

  1. Betty

    Sounds like a great beginning and yes it does pay to check things when you buy them never know what may be missing! Voice of experience!


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