A Weekend in Colchester

Hey everyone!

Today marks one month since I left Canada. Hard to believe it has already been that long, but at the same time it feels like no time has passed at all!

This past weekend I decided to explore more of Colchester and the surrounding area.

On Saturday I got up early and spent the morning seeing what Colchester has to offer. My day started off with a delicious breakfast of bacon bap, fresh crisps and a latte. Bap is a type of bread/roll, and it reminded me of a hamburger bun.


After breakfast I went to Hollytrees Museum. There I discovered that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was written in Colchester! The museum was quite small but had a beautiful display of clocks, as Colchester was once the main place for clock making in Britian.


Next up was the art gallery. The building itself is quite impressive and very uniquely designed. It was hard to get a good picture! 20190202_121345

Then I headed over to the natural history museum which was located inside an old church. The displays were pretty simple, and seemed orientated more towards children. I did learn, however, that this area is home to the stag beetle. I’m hoping I don’t run into one during my time here- they can be up to 8 cm long!! eek

After spending the morning exploring by myself, it was time to meet up with a few of my friends. We went out for a quick bite to eat where I had a delicious bowl of soup to warm me up on such a chilly day. Then it was off to the castle!

Colchester castle was built in 1076 over Roman foundations. It was the first city and capital in Roman Britain and is now known as Britain’s oldest recorded town.

We had a limited amount of time to look around the museum as it was closing in less than an hour. I also realized that visiting a museum with a group of people is not exactly ideal for me because I prefer to read most of the displays while others just like to have a brief look around. That makes it hard to stay together as a group.  So I will definitely go back to the castle by myself and have a more in-depth look! ( I also got the resident’s pass so I have unlimited access!)


view from the second floor of the museum


Once we finished up at the castle, we walked a couple blocks into the main part of town. Some of us were hungry again so we went to El Guaca mexican restaurant. I had a black bean quesadilla and a pinita colada which was SO GOOD! I’m definitely going back there!! 20190202_180216350196961.jpgThat was it for my busy Saturday!


My next post will be about my adventure to Norwich.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time,


One thought on “A Weekend in Colchester

  1. Betty

    Hi there, I’m with you on going to museums and taking my time to read the history and try and feel the air , if u know what a I mean. Try and get a sense of what it was like to live in those times and that’s easier to do with maybe 1 or 2 friends who have the same ideas. Sounds like the food has been pretty good too!
    Love your posts, hugs 🤗


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