Norwich, Norfolk

Hi again!

On Sunday, February 3rd a group of the international students and I took the train to Norwich. We planned to leave Colchester at 10am and arrive in Norwich an hour later. But unfortunately, the ten o’clock train was cancelled due to mechanical issues. So we had to wait another hour for the next train to come. While waiting we walked over to a grocery store and grabbed some snacks for the journey. Finally the next train arrived and we were on our way!

2019-02-04 062016855255..jpg
view from the train

First we walked along the river and through some parks. The path led back to the main city center where we could finally see the Norwich Cathedral in its entirety.

The cathedral was so beautiful, both inside and out. 20190203_125111We had the chance to explore the different areas and to my surprise there was a cat lounging around! Certain parts of the floor had decorative grates overtop where warm air was coming through so this is where the cat decided to have a sleep. So cute 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20190203_1254581277342444.jpg

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Finally it was time for my favorite part of the day- lunch! After trying to figure out where to eat for about 20 minutes we decided on a nearby pub. I had bangers and mash since it was listed as a pub favorite, and it is now my favorite! It consisted of 3 sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy, all inside a giant yorkshire pudding! It was so incredibly tasty despite it looking rather unappealing.

After lunch, we walked aimlessly around the city until we stumbled upon a cute and colorful street. It was a great place to take some pictures! 🙂2019-02-03 061668851065..jpgnorwich sunset2019-02-06 091932504513..jpg

Because we were walking around for so long, the sun was starting to set and everyone was getting cold. Our train wasn’t leaving for another hour so we went into a restaurant to warm up with a hot drink.

And that was it for my adventure in Norwich! Maybe I’ll go back again when it’s a bit warmer and explore some different areas. Or maybe I’ll just go back to have that bangers and mash again haha

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time,




3 thoughts on “Norwich, Norfolk

  1. Betty

    The cathedral is beautiful , stained glass is incredible. I had no idea bangers and mash were inside Yorkshire pudding it does sound tasty!
    Love your posts keep em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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