Some Observations

Hey everyone!

Today I’m sharing some of the observations I’ve made since being in the United Kingdom. As an introvert I like to pride myself in being observant and noticing things that most others won’t. Although these aren’t exactly profound observations, it’s just interesting to notice cultural differences within the university and everyday life here in the UK.


  1. Most girls at uni don’t wear backpacks- they use large purses instead.
  2. Very few clocks throughout the university
  3. Some food is quite bland- no salt, and little flavour. But other times food here is quite delicious so it is really hit or miss
  4. People don’t really move out of the way if you are walking towards them??
  5. Lots of doors throughout the university, some which seem quite unnecessary
  6. Difficult to find places to sit and eat your lunch on campus that isn’t outside
  7. An excessive amount of plastic packaging on food items, such as bananas, avocados,etc. even the potato chips are separated into 6 small bags within 1 larger bag – so unescessary! and not to mention horrible for the planet 😦 (also that is not enough potato chips for me haha)
  8. A lot of garbage along the roads/sidewalks. Residents are quite messy too as there are open garbage bags on their front yard
  9. Quite a few people don’t look appropriately dressed for the weather. Everyone’s jacket is open and they don’t often wear hats or gloves when it is windy and cold
  10. Cars rarely stop for pedestrians
  11. Everyone drives really fast, even on residential streets, which makes crossing the street a very thrilling activity!!
  12. Most cars are relatively new
  13. Lots of people smoke
  14. Windows are kept open even though it can get quite chilly and windy
  15. The doorhandles are quite small and higher up. They are not a full handle, instead you have to use 1 finger to pull the door open
  16. People don’t “queue up” as much as the stereotype makes you think
  17. Two taps for water means it is either really hot or really cold!


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I’ve noticed in my first 2 months of living in the UK!  Which observation did you find the most interesting? Let me know!

Until next time,

Mary 🙂


5 thoughts on “Some Observations

  1. Betty

    Little differences , the door handle makes me wonder? And I think all the packaging is getting out of control drives me crazy..just too much and then in the trash it goes what’s going to happen when Mother Earth finally has enough !

    Love your posts keep em coming.


    1. I agree! I reuse my plastic yogurt tubs and glass jars for containers to store my leftovers. It’s also a cheaper alternative than buying reuseable plastic containers that I would only use for a few month 🙂


  2. Tom

    The garbage everywhere is surprising. Also, not stopping for pedestrians. Different countries always do things differently. One of the reasons to travel. T


      1. connieblomgren

        I enjoyed hearing these small details of what you have observed. I am surprised about the litter as well…if you ever get to Japan you would likely note a substantial difference. We are so enjoying your blog!


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