Mersea Island

Hello! This past weekend I decided to go on a little adventure by myself down to Mersea Island! The total journey from my accomodation to the spot I picked out for lunch took about 1 hour so it was the perfect Saturday activity.

My adventure started off by by taking the bus from town (Colchester) all the way to the island. I really enjoyed looking out the bus window and seeing the landscape change from brick buildings to open fields and beaches. To my surprise, I was quite happy when I saw those lush green fields. It reminded me how much I like being in nature and open spaces.

The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway which often floods during high tide, and especially during spring tides. Thankfully, it was not flooding when I went.

Once I arrived, I walked to West Mersea Oyster Bar for lunch! It was very busy, so the only table available was one tucked away in the corner, but I didn’t mind 🙂 I was able to see them prepare the plate of oysters which was cool!  Although this restaurant was famous for its oysters, I decided to have fish and chips, only because I’ve never had oysters before. The fish and chips were quite good, except for the mushy peas on the side. They tasted like flavorless split pea soup, which is basically what it is haha 🙂  The piece of fish was huge (it looked like a whole fish to me) but obviously I ate it all!

Picture time! When I was researching what to see and do in Mersea I came across some pictures of the colorful beach huts and knew I had to see them for myself!  The restaurant was at the westernmost point of the island, so I had to backtrack to the bus stop and continue further east to find the beach huts. I didn’t really know where I was going since I couldn’t find an exact location of the beach huts online so I figured if I just walked along the beach I would find them eventually!

The first beach huts I came across were not the iconic pastel ones I saw online, but they were still very cute. Each one had a name and they were all painted a different color. At first I didn’t know what their purpose was, but some of them were open and I saw people inside. I then realized they are like a tiny house where you can spend the day on the beach! so cute!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After walking past what seemed like hundreds of beach huts I finally came across the pastel ones I saw online! They were so cute!! and there were a lot of them too!

I wanted a picture of myself in front of the colorful beach huts but didn’t have anyone to take a picture so it was a good thing I brought my selfie stick! I forgot to mention how windy it was when I was there! (Today I found sand in my jacket pockets so hopefully that gives you an idea of what the wind was like on the beach). So imagine me trying to get a good picture with a selfie stick in the wind!! It was also really sunny so I could barely see what I was doing haha. I probably took over 100 pictures of myself but I managed to get a few good ones!

2019-03-09 06279876851..jpg
the yellow beach hut was my favorite! 🙂

2019-03-09 08635582834..jpg2019-03-09 081816958709..jpg2019-03-09 081463110895..jpg

After spending the day in Mersea I noticed how it differed from Colchester. Everyone was very friendly and said hello as we crossed paths on the beach which was a nice change from how people interact in Colchester. There were a lot more dogs in Mersea which makes sense because there’s more room to run around! I also noticed that there was little to no garbage on the sidewalks, which was nice to see. Overall, I felt that Mersea had a better and more positve vibe, despite it being only a couple miles from Colchester. I definitely want to return when it is a bit warmer!

some cute doggos!

That’s all for my solo adventure! I hope you enjoyed reading!


Mary 🙂

5 thoughts on “Mersea Island

  1. Betty

    Well quite the excursion, how fun.
    The beach houses are interesting and so close together, wonder why that is? And a big surprise to me that your favorite is the yellow one!(not) I have found that oysters are an acquired taste so good decision on fish n chips. Hard to go wrong there.
    Love your blog keep warm .


  2. Mary – I so enjoyed reading about your day adventure to Mersea Island ( makes me think of Mercie :)…and of course how much fun you had on your own. No doubt your experiences growing up with wind in sw Alberta allowed you to persevere when most would not bother. No doubt the winds are common and hence the need for those cute little huts. The “Connie” hut made me smile…your photos help us enjoy your memories of that day. Love, mom.


  3. Tom

    Love the hut pics. Interesting how small town folk the world over are friendlier than city dwellers. Fun day for you. Keep the blogs coming. T


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